About El Loco

With over 4,000 shows performed in over 20 different countries worldwide. El Loco has won numerous awards that include The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Crowned UK comedy act of the year in 2007 by USA shipping giant Carnival Cruises.

“Warranted a season at the London Palladium”

Peter Hepple, The Stage newspaper 2006.

For the past 25 years Wayne Slater, aka El Loco, has been regarded by his peers as one of the most unique comedy speciality act of his generation. From his first appearance at an Eastbourne talent show in 1995, El-loco has brought a unique approach to comedy. Influenced by silent comedy performers, like Stan Laurel and Buster Keaton.

“It’s great to see the UK has produced a world class speciality act”

Leighton Bruce, Edinburgh Festival Guide 2005.

Wayne produced three El loco shows, “The Dentist Chair” “Beastro” and “Radio Grand Cafe”. Each show combined the arts of comedy, mime and magic, set around an oversized radio that played over 250 snippets of music, voice over’s and sound effects from the past 100 years. El-loco interacted with every single one of them without speaking.

“Warranted a season at the London Palladium”

Wayne Dobson. TV Presenter and magician.

El Loco remains silent throughout his performance. His timing, when lip-syncing to the many world famous songs, is both unique and an endearing theme to his comedy waiter show. Suitable for any audience, anywhere in the world.

“Hilarious, truly original and completely clean. Perfect for evening entertainment at our corporate event”

Mathew James. Smith Medical marketing director.

Wayne has produced three El loco shows: “The Dentist Chair”, “Beastro” and “Radio Grand Cafe.” Each show combines the arts of comedy, mime and magic, set around an oversized radio that plays over 250 snippets of music, voice over’s and sound effects from the past 100 years. El Loco interacts with every single one of them without saying a word. Performance times adaptable from 5 to 45 minutes.

“He certainly looks funny to me, I like the idea of mixing magic with mime”

Paul Daniels TV presenter and magician.

Available worldwide for the following.
Theatre tours. Corporate events. Cabaret. Holiday centres. Retail outlets with a stage. Hotels.

About the show

The most extraordinary waiter in the world!

From the first course to the last, El Loco serves his guests a feast of visual comedy that’s cooked to perfection, with free range laughter, right from the top of the menu, suitable for all tastes.

“The most inventive and hilarious comedy idea I’ve seen this year”

Mark Ritchie, The Stage newspaper.

Everything about  El Loco is unique, including the greeting of his guests as they arrive in the theatre. Slowly he ushers the guests to their seats, only problem is, it’s not their seat!

“I think El Loco will be a big hit on Carnival Cruise ships in the USA”

Roger Blum, Vice President, Carnival Cruises

The theme of the show is the eccentric waiter setting his bistro table. Appearing amongst the audience he immediately grabs their attention, switching drinks, and just about anything he can get his hands on, before returning the items to their rightful owners.

“This one man explosion of comedy ideas has a multitude of props and an incredible potential, the market for an act of this type and calibre must be enormous”

The Stage Newspaper.

Gluten free, Garlic free, but definitely not nut free!

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