Into The
Wolf’s Mouth

A debut novel by stage performer Wayne Slater

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About the Author.

Born in Salford in 1958, I have spent most of my working life performing on the stage with my comedy act, El Loco. Over a 30 year period I have performed more than 4,000 shows world wide, in various venues that included theatres, cruise ships, hotels, holiday parks and social clubs.

Having an encyclopaedic knowledge of stage performance and magic, it was suggested I should write a book to fulfil my creative need. “Into the Wolf’s Mouth” is my first novel. I am currently writing non fiction book entitled
“The Art of Stage craft”. A complete guide on how to become, develop and exist as a stage performer.

Based in Nottinghamshire with my wife Kate, we have two wonderful sons, Charlie and George, who with their partners, Corazon and Becca, have three little miracles – Reuben, Charlotte and Ezra.

Wayne Slater


“What a wonderful story. The struggles of an abandoned boy set against mysterious murders. It kept me guessing who the murderer was right to the end”.

Mr Sayer. Sussex.

“Gripped from the 1st Chapter… so many twists & turns I couldn’t put it down. Well written and perfectly engineered A must read!’..👍

Barry H. Manchester.

“I absolutely loved this book and read it in just 2 days as I couldn’t wait to find out how it would all end. The story pulls you in, you cannot wait to find out who did it and why, and also hoping Gee finds the happiness he deserves. My favourite character is Zap, she is so wild and clearly lives life to the full – it makes you want to be her!! I would highly recommend this book its brilliantly written.

N Woodhall, Lancashire.

“A Truly Captivating novel that stirred my imagination into a frenzy. This great read had me hooked from page one.”

Paul Roberts, Wrexham.

“Terrific read! If you enjoy a good mystery you’ll love this. Fascinating story set in 1960s Blackpool. Loved it.”

Shell, Blackpool.

The Art of Stage Craft.

A complete guide on how to become, develop and exist as a stage performer.

With over 30 years experience as a performer, booker, manager and comedy speciality artist. I cover every aspect of stage performance from building a stage act, engaging the audience, stage presence, emotional engagement, how to get big laughs, choosing the right stooge, what the performer sees, stage props, selling a show at the Edinburgh Fringe, how to become a headline entertainer on a cruise ship, how to find agents/management representation, how to market your act, well being, grow your own act. Interspersed with life on the road as a performer, Wayne details his fair share of mishaps, accidents and heart break. Found to my cost that what can go wrong, more often than not, will go wrong without careful practice – including a pyrotechnic explosion backstage that has left me 85% deaf in my left ear, complete with 24/7 tinnitus. I’ve had my major fall outs with show biz agents, one who used my cabaret fee to attend his brother’s stag do in Spain. Another who even tried to claim his 15% commission from a compensation payment I received through the courts! Lost thousands of pounds on staging my own one man show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Beat myself up, more times than I can remember, on the way home from a show where my act had died a thousand deaths that evening. I almost paid the ultimate sacrifice for my “art” as I suffered a heart attack whilst getting ready to perform my show on board a Royal Caribbean cruise liner off the coast of Dubai. There truly is no business, like show business.